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Harmonious Discord

Is the planet in harmony or discord when the ravages of nature hit
When the hurricane vents her passion with power and fortress
And her eye sears a piercing look tearing into the heartlands
The tornado twists in anguished ardour with rotating spiral
And the cyclonic storm rages with apocalyptic fervour?

Is the planet in equilibrium or imbalance when the rain pours forth unceasingly
And the flash flood swells with cataclysmic deluge
The polar cap melts with threat to far off shores
And the avalanche heavy with her burden of snow and ice plunders en mass
Whilst the tsunamis sweeps across the lands reclaiming once more her ocean’s spoils?

Is the planet in resonance or cacophony as the core’s crescendo quakes in continental shift
The volcano erupts her obsidian magma with a plethora of devouring lava
And the wild fire rages cremating nature’s footprint in her path
Whilst the sun’s penetrating heat burns relentlessly
Vapourising drought struck lands now so desert bound?

By what measure does this balance up
Or in whose orchestra do these wild phenomena play?
To what phonometer do they subscribe?
For nature’s symphony embraces attunement with harmonious discord
Where mankind is no match for this planetary orchestra!


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