Life is good! Life is inspirational!

A Day in Waiting

The day lies in wait
Not like a tiger waiting to pounce on its prey
Or like an eagle swooping down from a magnificent height
Yet more subtlety as the sun creeps over the horizon
Filling the sky with the spectral orange rays of a splendid sunrise
And with anticipation from the twitter of the resplendent dawn chorus,
That wends its suggestive and propositioning tones in an alluring and revitalised melody.
The players of the day sit in the wings ready to move onto the stage of life
Ready to live, to love, to delve and dive, to exalt and to triumph
And to experience the rhapsodies as the Oratorio unfurls in the essence of their beings,
Revealing the mysteries of the souls laid open and hidden,
The paths and the journeys both seen and unseen
Working together and apart, all weaving their unique threads across this beautiful planet.
Yes the day lies in wait except how will the day lie when it has waited?


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