Life is good! Life is inspirational!

From the depths of a cavern
Bewildered and lost,
Humanity overcame with a miracle
None counting the cost.
Holding fast with tenacity
And faith from the heart,
With commitment, steadfast determination,
And courage to impart.
They released precious lives
From the bowels of the earth
Universal co-operation in action,
Trust and collaboration of great worth.
For hope was unwavering
With an unshakable belief
As Chili returned her men to their families
The world watched in relief.
And the celebrations were felt
Like a Mexican wave
Spreading all over the globe
As the minors were set free from the cave.

But let us remember
In this time of great cheer
That whilst nature is omnipotent
United human spirit is sincere,
And the sincerity of working together
Setting asunder blame and fault
Can overcome even the worst
Of the world’s perilous assault.
The truth here is veracious
In the good it can achieve
And faith, commitment and teamwork
Are a trinity in which to believe.
And to effectuate in our lives
With friend or with foe
Truth and responsibility empowering
This triad into action with gusto.

Written following the 2010 Copiapó mining accident


Comments on: "Faith, Commitment and Teamwork" (1)

  1. I loved how positive and indomitable all of this is. 🙂 We sure need more of such vibes in this world.

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