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Parental Alienation

Parental alienation
Two words now banded round
By men and women both alike
Who have lost and not yet found.

The pain and disappointment
The crushing sense of loss
The hints of inequality
And feelings wound up cross.

The fathers missing children
And mothers all alone
The sense of ostracism
Cutting to the bone.

The hatred and the venom
The bitterness a twist
Vindictiveness apparent
Circulating in a mist.

So why are individuals
Ignoring such a call
And treating children just like pawns
With such emotional outfall?

And why are adults failing
To communicate and care
To think ahead, to draw a line
Remembering the love that once was there?

The love that made the children
The children in the frame
The picture all about them
Not about parental blame.

For blame will meet avoidance
Avoiding what is true
Truth honours the responsible,
With responsibility anew

Respect in the equation
Aside contempt and strife
To upheld the children’s voice
And ultimately their life.

Parental alienation
Two words of disrespect
Of lost responsibility
Leaving lives so sadly wrecked.


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