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What is Love?

Is it the embrace of a lovers’ kiss?
A sonnet imparted
A red rose
Sweet nothings whispered in an ear
A hug, a caress, or a hand to hold
Is it a look that transcends all emotions?
Or a touch that resonates in an essence entwined
Does love not champion and give succour?

Is it marked by indelible etchings into another’s heart?
A sentiment felt
Steadfast, honest, patient and sincere
Delivering kindness, selflessly in benefaction
Imbuing senses symphonically and with crescendo
Yet peacefully redeeming and nurturing the inner sanctum
Is love not contingent on being unconditional?

Is love the commentary of passionate senses abducted?
Time in waiting
A satiation of true devotion and affection
The indispensible impetus in life towards unifying the separated
Yet in its magnitude an expression of the inexpressible
For a life time into eternity love is without definition
For love’s rendition needs no translation.

Wishing our friends who got married yesterday and all other couples who are tying the knot this summer a life of love, happiness, fulfilment and contentment in the years to come.


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