Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Bridging the Gap

Suspended platform
With steeled wires lit as a string of pearls
Drapes athwart the gorge

Concreted conduit
Engulfed in a display of electric lights
Crosses over the stream

Abutted gantry
Cast in a framework of expansive iron
Transverses the gap

Arched crossing
Linked in magnificent arcs of stone
Straddles the breach

Feats of engineering
Constructed with calculated precision
Building the bridge

Yet ….

Extended hands
Stretch out in understanding
And join humanity

Friendly smiles
Reach out in compassion
To welcome unity

Attentive ears
Listen with sensitivity
To pave pathways of peace

Devoted hearts
Extend with empathy
To unite people with love

Feats of human kindness
Linked with dedicated care
Bridging the gap


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