Life is good! Life is inspirational!

To My Boy

I loved you from your first breath
And I’ll love you to my last
Through life’s daily passage
To the future from the past
To hold you and to help you
To nurture and restore
In steady dedication
My heart is forever yours

I’ll climb the highest mountain
And I’ll scale the farthest range
I’ll swim through deepest canyons
Without question; without change
For my love for you is constant
It’s the best that it can be
It will survive because it is the pulse
That runs to you from me

And I’d give my life to save you
As I dedicate my all
I’ll bear your pain no question
Uphold you should you fall
For your life’s an endless blessing
Your worth is next to none
And my love for whom you are
Regales symphonic heights, my son


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