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What’s In A Name?

There’s much more in a name
Than we can simply tell
That extends beyond mere letters
To future destiny as well
For it has been suggested
That our name encodes the road ahead
For self-fulfilling predictions
On the path down which we tread

And if we dig deeper
And delve into our minds
There’s suggestion somewhere lurking
That prospect choices are entwined
In nominative determinism
Where those things that we prefer
Grow our penchants and our likings
Upon the names on which we err

So when naming babies
Consider all the clues
What outcomes might well emanate
From the names you pick out and choose
For a name is not just letters
But can caress with happiness
Those lives that angels overlook
And ones we pray will be most blessed



Comments on: "What’s In A Name?" (2)

  1. I didn’t realize (until much later) that I named my three American children three very popular British names. I think this says more about me, then them …

    • I’d go with that with my children too. Names certainly be a fascinating subject to look into though – why people chose them, what they mean, how they relate to each other etc etc. 🙂

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