Life is good! Life is inspirational!

The Sock Goblin

I swear there is a sock goblin
Addicted to our socks
Without a care for other clothes
For pants or ladies frocks
For they don’t go a-missing
Or vanish out of sight
But leave a sock lying around
And it will just take flight

A sock will disappear at will
N’er to be found again
For these foot warmers melt away
With no-one to explain
Just where they could have got to
Or where they well might be.
But one thing for sure this goblin
Is giggling with glee

And when socks go in the washing
His eyes shine out so bright
Because somehow in the process
He’ll sock-nap them alright
And hold them all just hostage
In some place we don’t know
Laughing aloud as his antics
That leave our feet on show

So to that mischievous goblin
Please cease your wicked way
And pack up stealing all the socks
You come across each day
For though you think it’s funny
To us it is a bore
For now we’ve only got odd socks
Left sitting in our drawer



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