Life is good! Life is inspirational!

The Temptress Minz

She led him to the watering hole
The well where other’s fell
The pit where water tasted good
Disguising what was hell

She told him sup and be renewed
She promised him red wine
She pledged a drink most sustaining
And said all would be fine

She poured the water in a cup
A cup of solid gold
Bejewelled in rubies and fine gems
More than he could behold

She flicked her golden strawberry locks
She smiled with lips so red
She bid him come and lie with her
And sleep upon her bed

She danced around him to entice
Seducing him in full
And lured him to his fate at once
By her alluring pull

And that was where he fell transfixed
In trance bid by her mind
She stole his manhood and his soul
His heart was hers in kind

And as he drank her potion up
He fell into the well
Enchanted by her magic curse
Succumbing to her spell

And so he lost, surrendered all
Trapped by her wanton jinx
Controlled as if a puppet boy
By her the temptress minx

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