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The Cat Burglar

He came just like a stalker
To mark out his territory
To seal his scent upon the ground
For power’s supremacy

He trespassed in the garden
And sprayed his odour foul
And then he left – the cat burglar
In quietness with no howl

Nor hiss or spit or catfight
He left without reward
For all he found was emptiness
That failed to strike a chord

And bar the scent – the mark he left
He left not one surprise
So powerless to elicit more
Dressed in cat’s disguise


Comments on: "The Cat Burglar" (1)

  1. Reblogged this on 私は利己的とする and commented:
    The silent ones,
    the ones without hesitation.
    The ones who are cunning
    and poisonous.

    Watch out for those ones.

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