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Apologies to anyone who received my Reset Parenting post earlier by mistake on Frost Free Parenting – I uploaded to the wrong blog!  Here on Ginz & Tonic we now reach day ten of the Twelve Days of Christmas and the Partridge is at the end of his wick!  For the full poem click here 

Then leaping in come ten dear Lords
A flirting with the girls
To dance the hip hop style they know
And hang off all their pearls

The lords a leaping in the yard
O’er flowers and plants and shrubs
To jump up high and celebrate
Like frogs right over tubs

And in their path the swans and geese
French hens and turtle doves
Mix with the ladies and the maid
Whilst Partridge puts on gloves

For if he cannot rational
With all these folk who dance
He’s going to lose his rag and fight
And take a boxing chance

That he can stop this nonsense now
For they must all depart
So that he can attest his state
To heal his angered heart

“For Lords-a-leaping!  Give me strength”
Protests the Partridge voice
“I ask you all to leave at once
You heard – that is my choice!”

And very slowly one by one
They go to leave him be
All birds and folk set out at once
Til Partridge is lonely


Comments on: "And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part X Ten Lords A Leaping" (6)

  1. I apologize for being so late in getting to this one–but I really enjoyed it!! Wishing you all the best in the New Year–let’s write write write!

  2. Reblogged this on Ginz&Tonic.

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