Life is good! Life is inspirational!


Those snuggly little jimjams that
You wear when you’re in bed
Have found innate ability
To sway your thoughts instead
For they’re really more than night clothes
For wear throughout the day
So don’t be hard upon yourself
If it is the only way
To wear your old pyjamas out
To shops or work; no harm
That you’re jimjams have stayed on you
For they come with a sweet charm
That’s akin to comfort blankets
You had as a small child
And with that comfort thought in mind
PJ’s have been compiled
To be our softy-softy clothes
All worn with such great style
And even in the shopping mall
They win across the mile!

Well maybe not but with the rise in people wearing pyjamas to do the weekly shop, aren’t we all a little curious as to why? 🙂


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Comments on: "Pyjamas" (2)

  1. I am so glad you brought this up! I’m stunned at what people wear out and about–but I guess I should just be grateful they’re covered!

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