Life is good! Life is inspirational!


There’s only one thing about filing
And that is to bin it all quick
For the fact that we hoard so much paper
Is starting to make me feel sick

From letters that no-one will need now
To info that’s boring at best
I suggest that we all give up filing
Instead take a jolly good rest

And leave all the papers to vanish
Or burn them; forget that they’re there
And then put our feet up contented
To sit back relaxed in a chair

For the thing about filing is simple
It’s crazy and really a chore
For most of the filing isn’t needed
And the rest is a really big bore!


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Comments on: "Filing" (5)

  1. Amusing truth–I grew up with a Dad who insisted we must save Everything for 7 years. It’s a hard habit to break….

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