Life is good! Life is inspirational!


Do you ever stop and wonder
When looking to the sky
The years that have now been and gone
As starlight hits your eye

Heavenly bodies oh so luminous
Mind-blowing to observe
Philosophy transcending as
It hits our optic nerve!

So immense and everlasting
Expansive universe
Astonishing; astounding
For time to still traverse

Do you ever stop and wonder
When you look into the sky
Such mysteries unparalleled
The marvels way up high

Star trails and Star tails.

Star trails and Star tails. (Photo credit: Joe Dsilva)

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Comments on: "Stargazing" (6)

  1. Wow, that’s good.

    • Thank you :-). Don’t you just wonder though when you look up? Last night was quite a spectacle – so many stars and so far away! Mind-blowing 🙂

      • Unfortunately, where I live (busy suburbs) it is rare to see anything in the sky but the moon! And clouds. So, when I saw a gorgeously brilliant–single–star during Christmas week, to me it was the Bethlehem star. It was astounding, gave me chills and hope. You are blessed to see spectacular star shows!

      • Lincolnshire skies are amazing – we are fortunate indeed for there are miles and miles of open space. 🙂

  2. willowmarie said:

    yes I do- started when I was a girl and have absolutely no intention of stopping now.

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