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When Life Steps Out Of Time

Don’t you hate it when you’re poorly
Out of sorts and feeling ill
Unable to get on with life
Against your own free will
The issues and the problems that
Sheer up the pure delight
Of living life with better health
No pain or hurt in sight

And don’t you hate it when your helpless
Paralysed by pathogens
That creep throughout your system and
Attempt to become friends
So toxic and so alien
That fail to do you good
By causing sickness and disease
With harm not understood

And don’t you hate it when your hurting
Bash, bruised with broken bones
Inflicting injuries carte blanche
To give you cause to groan
That cripple and disable that
Disturb and so upset
Don’t you hate these loathsome ailments
To them don’t you object

But life is not smooth flowing and
It comes with copious costs
Of illness, disability
So testing; arduous
But each of us can bear this brunt
The testing uphill climb
So let’s exercise compassion
When life steps out of time


Comments on: "When Life Steps Out Of Time" (5)

  1. Interesting way to put it–life stepping out of time. And yes, it is indeed loathsome.

    • I guess when you have an illness or even a condition you feel out of kilter with those perceived as normal. The thing is then that is your ‘normality’ – a bit like the clocks all running slightly out of Greenwich meantime – they still say the time (ie the function) just running slightly differently (ie the process). I know I feel like that today in hospital with an infection making a long term condition worse! 🙂

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