Life is good! Life is inspirational!

At the heart of every nation
Are those who really care
Those folk who go the extra mile
To be, to do, to share
Those people who will always put
Themselves out, lend a hand
Those others who will give their time
No task too small; too grand
They give their heart,they sacrifice
Day in, day out they pledge
Their lives in constant service to
Those on health’s wearing edge
And in return they ask for n’owt
‘Cept maybe just a smile
To know that all are comfortable
And cared for in their trials
For any trials that are endured
These carers will then try
To help alleviate the pain
To wipe the tears all dry.

Dedicated to the caring staff of the Emergency Admissions Unit, Grantham Hospital, Lincolnshire, UK


Comments on: "At The Heart Of Every Nation" (2)

  1. michaelbenedict27 said:

    enjoyed this, well done.

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