Life is good! Life is inspirational!


There is a little something that
Sits somewhere in my mind
That carries all my hidden thoughts
To recall or to find
But where it’s gone I do not know
For now I have forgot
The key – where did I put that thing?
I’ve lost it – lost the plot!

It’s disappeared and vanished and
It’s slipped right from my grasp
This thing that I am looking for
Has fallen from my clasp
The matter that can recollect
Or hide all last years woes
Has now evaded me again
Where is it?  Goodness knows

And what you ask is it that I
Have mislaid- lost in vain!
I can’t remember – that’s the point
For gone now from my brain
Is one thing that I need the most
To help me hopefully
Just reminisce and recollect
Oh! Where’s my memory?



Comments on: "Memory" (3)

  1. This is me LOL Have you been in my mind? Great poem.

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