Life is good! Life is inspirational!

The Diary

I sit around in great bombast
So regally austere
In black bound garment, regimes rife
All pinned precise just there

My mission if you dare accept
To organise your day
To keep you on your toes with glee
To dot, to cross, to stay

Your life I’ll just get sorted out
To have you be on time
To know just where you should be when
To schedule so sublime

To some I’ll be your best best friend
To others irritate
But always I will try to stop
You ever being late

And by some memorandum I’ll
Act often as your aid
To prompt to focus and to plan
Lest dare you get delayed

But if you cram or overfill
Your peril I’ll highlight
Lest should you double book – oh boy
I’ll kick up such a fight

For capably I’ll navigate
Your life and enquiry
For with the means to chronicle
I am your own diary



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