Life is good! Life is inspirational!

School’s Out

“School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank god!” you say
A whole week from regime
Of getting up and getting out
Of cleaning shoes to gleam

No more harassment every day
From teacher’s who don’t care
No Maths, no algebra – oh yes!
No more to raise my hair

A week of doing r ‘n’ r
To rest, relax, just be
The person who I like the best
The person who is me

And not the system’s robot who
Is bullied and oppressed
For all they ever want to hear
Is “Yes, Miss” “Yes, Sir” “Yes”

Contrary to my wish in life
To see the world anew
To learn the lessons that I need
With truth out in the blue

The blue beyond the school yard gate
That stretches out beyond
To pastures green that leadeath me
Out there across the pond

To sail the deepest ocean’s wide
To scale the highest heights
For school?  OK it has it’s place
But I prefer the sights

That stretch me and expose me to
Instruction that gives more
So “School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank goodness!” for
I’m gone now. Out the door!

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