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‘Like’ Button Junkie

There’s a new addiction on the streets
One that’s coming of age
A sum that’s comes statistically
From ‘likes’ upon a page
Equating clicks that then affirm
Mass popularity
Reward that means acceptance with
Approval desperately
Addiction to the ‘like’ button
The times that it is hit
To rate, to mark, to thus affirm
That so and so is fit
Or oh so very pretty; slim
Or dressed so very nice
The ‘like’ button that lures you in
Addiction’s newest vice

facebook like button

facebook like button (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


Comments on: "‘Like’ Button Junkie" (5)

  1. Pushing likes is helpful for the giver counting likes is not at all helpful for the receiver. A pitiable distraction!

    • Yes – that’s what I was trying to convey. I was thinking particularly about the younger generation on facebook particularly, although not exclusively them, who post pictures and weigh their popularity by how those pictures are rated. It’s very sad really. :/ That said though, it is still nice for the giver to show appreciation. I guess it’s all a balancing act!

      • Ginz, I joined FB recently to showcase some of the quotes/aphorisms and articles I write. The most recent status of mine was this:

        “PROFILE PICS.

        When the profile pic always gets maximum number of likes, it appears as if the worth of man is just his face and nothing else.”

        Makes sense? 🙂

  2. tragicxescape said:

    Liking this sort of feels like defeating the point of this lol but your point is clear in that people need to realize that number of likes doesn’t equal popularity. Amazing poem x

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