Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Expansion Gaps

Expansion gaps!  That’s what we’ve got
The space that’s in our mind
To give some room for thoughts and such
To move about in kind
To jiggle and a jingle
To hop about; free flow
To rumble in grey matter; go where they want to go!

So when you’re under pressure and
You’re feeling rather stressed
Don’t worry that you’re going to crack
But consider that when pressed
These gaps are really always there
In all normality
Though when constricted we might feel
Their visibility

Then take the time to realize that
There is no right nor wrong
Expanded or constricted still
These cracks will play along
To hold us all together
That’s just the irony
So stressed or calm, expansion gaps
Are part of you and me!

And don’t let others sit and judge
And cast a damning cloud
Or point and wag a finger or
Call names out oh so loud
By saying that you’re crazy and
So very slightly cracked
Cos expansion gaps are normal
And that’s the honest fact!



Comments on: "Expansion Gaps" (2)

  1. That made me chuckle 🙂

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