Life is good! Life is inspirational!


Why nowadays can we not say
How sorry that we are
Without the use of legal speak
That doesn’t go so far
As even to acknowledge
Or accept the fault we’ve made
To find it in our hearts to feel
The trauma we’ve conveyed

Why can’t we simply stand and say
“I’m sorry” and just that
Without the added addendum
And silly tit for tat
Of “I’m sorry for the feelings
That you’ve had; that you have felt”
For in essence that does not accept
The pain that was then dealt

And so these non-apologies
Might save a little face
But they certainly aren’t imparted
With regret or any grace
Instead they say “I’ll watch my back
And not accept I’m wrong”
But simply say the words you want
To stop you going on!

And so the ‘sorry’ loses power
It doesn’t mean a thing
But states quite categorically
That contrition is missing
And humbleness is faulty
The truth will hide away
And lessons just have not been learned
With no remorse per se!



Comments on: "Non-Apology" (2)

  1. Sorry you feel that way about it 🙂

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