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Reciprocal Altruism

You’ll find that there’s a simple rule
In life that goes like this
The more you contribute; put in
The more you will not miss

For by some mutuality
If you try to be kind
The same will greet you in your walk
Sweet kindness you’ll then find

And people will be kinder and
More generous, lovely
Because they feel that you have taken
More time with them you see

So show a little interest in
Their lives, their ways, their means
For returns of added kindness
Like boosters or vaccines

Yes!  Counter any ill ways with
Kind-heartedness withstood
Reciprocal altruism
All for the greater good

Reciprocal Altruism


Comments on: "Reciprocal Altruism" (2)

  1. “The more you contribute; put in
    The more you will not miss”
    I agree with the logic of the amazing poetry. You wrote with tack, what I wrote with directness. Grandma told me many years ago. “Can fix problems with sweetness, never with boldness and coldness.”

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