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The Sagacious Oak

You look and see a dying oak
A tree that’s stood in time
A tree now covered in green mould
With branches bared from slime

You see the broken sticks that fall
On floor around my trunk
The leaves that do not come in spring
My frame so stark – defunct

And yet I’d tell a different tale
As I have stood my ground
The days I’ve seen whilst standing here
The treasures I have found

I’d tell of years gone by and how
They’ve shaped our history
The acorns that I then produced
What they went on to be

I’d say of those who’ve climbed by boughs
You’ve swung right off my arm
Who’ve hidden in my mighty oak
To save them from all harm

I’d relay the winters that I’ve seen
In life and lives so real
I’d tell you how they shaped our earth
And tell you what I feel

So whilst you see an old, oak tree
Dilapidated; in decay
I still have wisdom in my bones
To inform you today

For lose the past and memories
The present can’t exist
And still the future won’t then shine
Save Oak’s sagacious mist


Oak (Photo credit: Bushman.K)


Comments on: "The Sagacious Oak" (11)

  1. willowmarie said:

    A tree with a strong magical tradition – so many stories and memories. Thank you for this.

    • Yes that’s true. There are so many connections to the oak tree. I was personifying the oak tree with a mind on our senior folk. Many thanks 🙂

      • willowmarie said:

        Thank u for telling me- I can appreciate it now in another way.

      • That’s what I love about poetry – it can be interpreted so many different ways and at so many levels. It such a great expression of humanity, psychologies and emotions 🙂

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