Life is good! Life is inspirational!

And so today is DABday
A day that’s sure to fly
A day that’s there to spread much joy
To all birds glorify

And all that’s needed is a pad
Of paper and a pen
To draw all sorts of different birds
Perhaps even a hen

So get artistic and then share
Your work however small
On social networks all worldwide
To bring some joy to all

Today is “Draw a Bird Day”  Want to find out more?  Click here!



Comments on: "DABday (Draw a Bird Day)" (9)

  1. Very nice! I love this patterned art bird. I had never heard of “Draw a Bird Day” before…Thanks…interesting.

  2. […] to Ginz&Tonic for sharing about DAB Day. Visit Gini’s blog to read her awesome poem and see her beautifully […]

  3. Hello again! 🙂 You inspired me to also share about DAB Day on my blog. Although I posted a picture of a bird my daughter drew many years ago. Here is the link if you would like to see it.

  4. your swan is just gorgeous! life is inspirational! this site is inspirational! Blessings to you 😀

  5. This is wonderful-both words and image!

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