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April Showers

The day laid soggy
Soggy asunder the grey dispersing clouds
Puddles splashing
Roads steaming
Branches dripping

Dripping damp!
Damp that hung beneath the spectral sunset
Moisture hanging
Mist suspending
Destiny calling

Calling promises!
Promises inspiring a new tomorrow
Warmth renewing
Sultriness drying
Summer Arriving

Arriving on the wind past April showers

English: Chiaroscuro Typical April day of suns...

English: Chiaroscuro Typical April day of sunshine and showers. Here we’re on the front line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Comments on: "April Showers" (2)

  1. I noticed the way you carried words over and your use of consistent rhythms, something I have grown used to looking for in your writing. Is this based on a form or just a device you chose to use in this poem? ,

    • This was a one off for me written walking the dog this evening. I don’t know if it’s a specific form but I did edit it to have some consistency in form. Other than that the rhyming schemes I use vary a little but I like to use rhyme because I think it makes it so available to anyone at whatever age and encourages them to have a go too. That’s really my passion. Thank you for reading and commenting – I value everyone’s input.

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