Life is good! Life is inspirational!


“Come on now! Just get over it!
Where’s your stiffer upper lip!
Just pull yourself together for
It’s just a little blip!”
She said to try and chivvy on
When fear began to bite
When panic set in; got a hold
Constricted and gripped tight

And yet it’s not that simple to
Switch off a brain’s reply
To stimulus that overwhelms
Emotions running high
When tides of life come rushing in
And stay to swill about
Ensconcing thought, and mind and deed
Day in and then day out

The sense of feeling so worried
Depressed and rather tired
Lacking focus, feeling tetchy
And somehow all unwired
With rapid heartbeat; sweaty palms
Dry mouth and so dizzy
It’s not that simple to combat
This plight; anxiety

For like a broken leg or arm
A headache or migraine
A bruise or bash that scars the skin
Or other sort of strain
Anxiety and mental strife
Affect us and need hope
With compassionate understanding
And ways to help us cope


“Come on now! Let me give a hand!
Let’s work it out; relax!
Let’s sit back and just take the time!
To get life back on track”
For with support and empathy
We’ll reach out and be there
Bar judgement nor shame we will be
Anxiety aware

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2014  which is all about raising awareness of anxiety.  Please spread the word to help reach as many people as possible to help them to understand, manage and overcome the anxiety which can impact on our daily lives.  For more information go to

Are You Anxiety Aware?

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