Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Imagination’s Tide

Come ride imagination’s
Magic Carpet for a day
Come fly above the world and drift
A million miles away

Come to the place you want to go
The place you love the best
Come delve into the pot of dreams
Where mind’s fancy takes no rest

Come sail the furthest oceans
And climb the highest hills
Come wander down green valleys
Or raft white water’s thrills

Come explore the deepest jungle
Where the leopard lies in wait
Come walk through any city with
Fresh eyes on scenes so great

Come scale through desert yonder
Seek oasis to inspire
Come visit space, the universe
Stars and planets set on fire

Come soar across the south pole
Follow penguins one by one
Come swim aboard a dolphin’s back
Bask with turtles in the sun

Come do all of this and more
Seek cross the world so wide
Come ride my magic carpet
On imagination’s tide

Imagination's Tide


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  1. I think I’m on it now 🙂

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