Life is good! Life is inspirational!

They’re going on a manhunt
A game that must be played
With armour of short skirts and heels
And flesh all on display

They’ve armed their lips with war paint
In colour – ruby red
And dared to flounce their locks and curls
With care upon their head

They’ve pinched and tucked and plucked and waxed
And sharpened talons so
With gel nails that just match their lips
And now are set to go

To set out on their battle field
To claim the winner’s prize
To clubs and bars with drinks in hand
To catch the hottest guys

And when the conquest’s over
They’ll turn in for the night
Dishevelled, feet all blistered up
And looking quite a sight!!

I am all dressed up and ready to party

I am all dressed up and ready to party (Photo credit: 2-Dog-Farm)


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