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They said “Go get the leccy man”
The one who checks the wires
The chap who tests the current and
Who sees what then transpires”

They said get him to look at it
But then the fuse just blew
The meter crashed and power all failed
And sparks spat out and flew

The lights switched off; the cooker stopped
The fridge got rather hot
And all because I didn’t call
Because I had forgot!

And it’s the same thing with your pulse
The beat within your heart
As leccy current fires this beat
Save needing a kick start!

So take a simple test to know
Your pulse beyond all doubt
For if it goes awry at all
You can get it checked out

“Leccy” is a colloquialism for Electric 

Corazón Neón

Corazón Neón (Photo credit: OssprO)










This week is Heart Rhythm Week which celebrates Ten Years of Innovation and Advancements in Arrhythmia Patient Care. Your support will make a difference in helping to protect the many millions of arrhythmia patients worldwide.  Together we can:

  • Work to save 100,000 lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
  • Improve outcomes for 1 million AF patients
  • Increase early detection and management for 2 million arrhythmia sufferers

Please click here to find out more.


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