Life is good! Life is inspirational!


County Linx Radio recently asked If you could do one crazy thing, What would that one thing be?  So what would you do?  Comment below to let me know?  Who is the craziest blogger out there?  Maybe the winner can write a poem on their crazy experience and we’ll link across social media (subject to it being within our scope for sharing – we know how crazy you all are)!  Woohoo – get sharing folks! 🙂

If you could do one crazy thing
What would that one thing be?
Would you leave your house and shout aloud
“I’m gonna go crazy”

Would you jump out of an aeroplane
Or swim with great white shark
Or would you abseil from a tower
So high!  For lols; a lark!

Perhaps you’d streak all naked out
Across a pitch so smug
Or have a bath like a hippo
In mud that you have dug

Or travel to wild Borneo
Not wash for fifty days
Or possibly hike pole to pole
Behave in wacko ways

Or maybe you’d just sit and think
“Well hell I’m mad as is
So crazy? I’m that anyway
In my life’s crazy fizz!”

A screenshot of Crazy-drippy-face-man-lady fro...

A screenshot of Crazy-drippy-face-man-lady from the popular web Flash animation, Doreen And Maureen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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