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Word Tennis

At Love – Fifteen! He threw the first
Insult over the fence
But she came back with two more words
That had left him feeling tense

Thirty; Fifteen! They carried on
Shouting and yelling so
Their words aimed deep at each across
The net all to and fro

Forty; thirty – more battered hurts
Were served and hit in turn
But she remained a point above
And still intent to burn

She took another shot at him
To beat him; take the game
Word tennis; not a pretty sight
No winners; only shame!

Tennis ball on tennis court.

Tennis ball on tennis court.


Comments on: "Word Tennis" (1)

  1. My husband learned tennis at 6, I learned tennis when I met him at 26. And one day, I almost beat him! Ah, victory just barely eluded my grasp. Love your poems. Well done metaphor with ‘word tennis’ and the arguments in “love’. Not pretty to see in play.

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