Life is good! Life is inspirational!

They crept by stealth through undergrowth
Dark forest on their heel
Where fear consumed with eerie fright
To chill their nerves of steel

Where spirits lurked and imps took flight
Where none returned who went
Into the wood of evilness
The throne of all torment

And from its depths blood curdling scream
Hung ice still in the air
Despite the heat of midday sun
That shone away from there

The shriek that turned their hearts to stone
That froze the blood in veins
A warning to each one – beware
N’er venture there again

For it is said that in that wood
A werewolf lurks and prowls
To capture, maul, consume each one
Ahead the screech of owls

And none who’ve dared to chance their luck
Have lived to tell the tale
As shape shifter remains at large
Beneath wood’s darker veil

English: A dark forest Moss covered boulders i...

English: A dark forest Moss covered boulders in the gloom of a plantation in Gleann Mhuire. The floor of the glen is covered in boulders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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