Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Silicon Lives

Are we too focussed on what is so wrong
In a world that’s now based in pure silicon
Where carbon is passé; a thing of the past
No longer good enough; failing too fast

As microchip evolves and takes over at will
Prosthetic brains working longer; our own left to chill
From computers that run at a rate of great knots
Less the mind that’s created them just left to rot

Programs, software, algorithms and more
Depleting the essence of what’s at our core
Train wrecking yet labelled progression they say
With perfection in sight just a stone’s throw away

And mankind outranked by technology
The beast that’s arisen flogging us constantly
Enslaving our minds, our hearts and our souls
To utopic belief’s; so far from what’s whole

Yet as carbon is to life; to err is to be
Just perfect save flaws above technology
For a focus on good; on right must come first
Less the auto-correcting that is silicon’s thirst


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