Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Gossip’s Cup

If you drink from gossip’s cup
You will surely find
That by the power of hearsay you
Manipulate your mind
To take on what is said
More so than what you see
Sipping opinions lest the facts
That have toxicity

For gossip is mere rumour
Idle talk; some outright lies
That can destroy lives in it’s path
If none dare to then try
To differentiate between
What’s said and what is fact
Then make their mind up and lash out
With horrible impact

To alienate or to pull down
The innocent or pure
For there is sometimes little truth
In no smoke without fire sure
For gossip drinking is unwise
With potential to inflame
To hurt; to damage or to cause
Destruction by their game

So temper what you listen to
And test out, think again
And do not cast the first stone less
Your words have honest gain
And use your conversation
To lift up less upset
Resisting gossip’s evil cup
And cast perspective’s net


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