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Watch Out

He thinks he is a tiger
Or maybe a wild lion
Stalking across the prairie by
The power of Orion
With claws as sharp as pincers
And teeth honed to devour
The flesh of those he pounces on
Dare they stand still or cower
With eyes slit green with envy
And stealth his weapon too
Watch out the cat who sleeps and dreams
For he might jump on you!


Comments on: "Watch Out" (6)

  1. Wow! Looks just like my cat Bojangles who lived for 21 years! And the words in your poem describe him perfectly. Nice!

  2. Nice description!
    The nearest I have come so far to to capture the traits of the feline beauties is a blog post which endeavors to compare them to bosses. Here it is, just in case it interests you:

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