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The Night Sky

Look into the night sky and see a million stars
And think that without darkness
Their light would not be ours
Their radiance would simply not
Shine out so very bright
Without the black nocturnally
All stars would lose their fight

And likewise our adversities
Our toils and troubles too
May overwhelm and sometimes feel
Like they are what’s in view
But with a little confidence
And effort on our part
Our own lamps sparkle brilliantly
With truth held in our heart

And then it’s us that radiate
That shine and glisten more
Than any hassle, pain or strife
For as we brighten sure
The darkness round these other things
Just dissipates and goes
So that the million stars still shine
With the love we bestow

And throughout all the heavens
Down here upon the Earth
The beauty of such radiance
Is given a new birth
To brighten up the darkness
To shine through every night
With joy, and love and comfort sure
In effervescent light

English: Pictured here is a long exposure phot...

English: Pictured here is a long exposure photograph of the night sky. In this image the stars appear to streak across the sky. The effect is created as the earth spins along its rotation with the camera fixed to a tripod. Photographing stars present many challenges to the photographer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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