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Where poppies blow in swathes of bloody red
So fragile ‘gainst the corn in crispy air
Let echoes of the past sound through each head
In recall of all those who served out there
And debt of gratitude prevail through time
For those who gave their life for their country
Remembering each one who bravely chimed
Who served on land, in air or out at sea
And in those meadows once the battle fields
Hold onto mem’ries etched forever more
N’er to forget who paid for freedom’s yield
As winter sun reveals their glory sure
    And through the years let none ever contemn
    Just what they gave as we remember them

English: Poppies on Remembrance Sunday Poppies...

English: Poppies on Remembrance Sunday Poppies in a field on Laverton Hill on Remembrance Sunday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Comments on: "Remembrance" (2)

  1. Well expressed and timely.

  2. Reblogged this on Ginz&Tonic.

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