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In the deep pools of the soul
I am who I am
Inner consciousness
Transcending from the now until the then
Where purity swells in rivers of immanence
Immutable love flowing in a stream
And a still intrinsic voice whispering
In unfathomable oceans of graciousness,
Providence and humility
Across seas of perfection, truth, and love
Infinite incomprehensiveness
Past wrath and peace
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
For if I am then in such essence am I

The Mariners Affair

With thanks to my dear friend Kate for use of her photo

Comments on: "Consciousness" (4)

  1. In the deep pools of the soul
    I am who I am.

    Exactly like that.

    We cannot be ourselves
    when we are unconscious.
    Our thought, feeling and actions.
    All are unreal if we won’t be conscious.

    (You might be interested in this too. Feel free to check it out.

    I love your poem. Keep composing.
    Jade the Mystic

  2. Very well written!

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