Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Mind Over Matter

My back is sore; my bones all hurt
And strength is gone for sure
Yet somehow through the strife I drive
To settle the old score
The battle that rages right on
That sees which side will win
The body that wants to give up
Or head that won’t give in

For there beholds the fiercest fight
That goes on through the years
When physically one feels a wreck
Yet mentally appears
To not be in a  mood to quit
To say “Ok – I’m done”
For that would deem the will to loose
And body to have won

And so with grit and steadfastness
To bump heads in the fray
The mind determines with intent
To resist all the way
And not submit; capitulate
To body’s chitter-chatter
But carry on despite all that
And win mind over matter

mind over matter.jpg


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