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Day 8 and the party’s in full swing.  But who is going to turn up now to irritate poor old Partridge!  Don’t forget you can click here to read the whole poem that’s been building up for The Twelve Days of Christmas!

But all at once a flusters heard
As humans come to see
What racket is occurring in
The garden and the tree

Eight maids a milking turn up first
With cows presumably
And start to churn out shakes to drink
For all eternally

“Who wants a milkshake” they do say
With added cream you see
“For we are maids-a-milking with
Such drinks for you and me”

The calling birds and turtle doves
Say “Ta, that’s very kind”
And ask if they could also make
Milkshakes with the fruit rind

As for geese and three French hens
They queue for more and more
Although watch there’s kafuffle
With swans…

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