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Chapters Of Life

Today I read a chapter of
A book there on the shelf
Just a page or so; a glimpse into
Lives of another self
A few words from a story
A portion to be fair
Not the whole tale right from the start
But a day of what was there

I read a few short paragraphs
Was hooked and felt I knew
The story that would unravel
As pages grew and grew
But sadly that is where it stopped
For there I lost the book
Misplaced and left it at that page
Without a second look

And so I’ll never know now
How the story will go on
What happened in the early days
Or indeed the end outcome
And likewise in our daily lives
The people who we meet
Are folk in chapters of whole books
Not stories all complete

And so perhaps we should just think
Of all the things we miss
When we don’t read the entire tale
And then not dare to dis
Another for the short time that
We have them in our days
Nor judge them for the segments of
The time they pass our way

For like a book; a story
Unfolding as it goes
A person likewise has chapters
That we just might not know
That come at the beginning;
In the middle, at the end
Of their own unique story
Only known to lifelong friends

Stilleben mit Juwelen, Musikinstrumenten und G...

Stilleben mit Juwelen, Musikinstrumenten und Globus, Öl auf Leinwand, 46 x 62 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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