Life is good! Life is inspirational!


Don’t patronise. Don’t speak down to
Don’t snub or deign to be
All condescending. Tossing crumbs
Treating her so badly
Because ‘you’ do not think she is
Like you in any way
Or cos she simply acts and thinks
Differently per se

For how she looks, how she behaves
Is really no excuse
For you to bully her so much
And give her your abuse
For in this world of many sorts
Your judgement and your curse
Serves only to twist in a knife
And turn things bad to worse

So instead celebrate each one
Enjoy diversity
And do not mock or jeer at those
With disabilities.
And understand the plight of those
Who suffer stigma too
From mental illness for it could
So easily be you


Comments on: "Stigma" (3)

  1. Well said, G 🙂

    • I feel very strongly about this Richard so thank you. It really could so easily be any of us, but this week in particular, as it is Children’s Mental Health Week, hopefully we can challenge some of the stigma surrounding mental health & at last bring about the realisation that people and children who suffer such conditions are equal to the rest of the population. They don’t need to be talked down to or kept at arms length – they need care and support and above all inclusion.

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