Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Anger scorching peace
Burning with intense fury
Convulsing with rage

Comments on: "Dark Moods (Part III) – Anger (Haiku)" (2)

  1. Pretty cool how you addressed all three. I tend to avoid writing on such things (I think) as I don’t like to brood (tho I do). Never hold a grudge tho- for that I’m proud. When I do approach writing of such moods, I’ve taken note your approach to aid me. So, thank you kindly! Cheers ~

    • I have to admit not liking writing on such subjects but having been so starkly reminded of the impact such moods have on some lives recently, I wanted to write up my observations of these sad sad human conditions.

      Agreed though that it’s so important not to hold a grudge. It can corrupt the spirit and the soul otherwise I fear.

      Thank you for your supportive words

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