Life is good! Life is inspirational!

The Face Says It All

There is a face I used to see
Then soft in youthful glow
So full of smiles and happy cheer
That all wanted to know

But now as time has passed that face
Has wizened; grown so harsh
With spite set deep between the eyes
And mood sodden like marsh

Or swamp maybe that sags and hangs
That threatens to behold
In rolls of venoms wanton clasp
From lies that it has told

It scorns the path with ill intent
No mercy and no grace
Just anger, loss and life’s etchings
Scrawled deep into that face

And when I look my heart cries out
With sadness for the state
Of ugliness that’s taken grip
So much contempt and hate

And pray that as the years retreat
The visage will recall
Lost kindness, truth and better mood
For the face says it all

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