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Cold Callers

Don’t get angry with cold callers
But instead put them on hold
With mute button depressed to see
How long they’ll stay so bold

And blabber forth their sales pitch
Into the open air
As then you don’t waste precious time
And show them you don’t care

For soon enough they’ll get it
And realise that in vain
They’ve pitched to the wrong person
And won’t bother you again!


Comments on: "Cold Callers" (4)

  1. Great poem and wonderful advice. Cold callers usually get a lovely surprise when I answer the phone and pretend I’m an Embassy or speak really fast in a language they can’t understand. Saves so much time, but I’ll try your trick next.

  2. If only it were so simple?

    • If only I know but it seems to work a dream especially if they register a number which can then be blocked! The fun of course, is seeing how long they take to see that no-one is listening đŸ˜‰

  3. One stayed on the phone for four minutes recently, waiting for me to go and get ‘Brian’ *grins*

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