Life is good! Life is inspirational!


His mind is froze
He cannot think
I think he might
Be on the brink
Or on the verge
He does not know
For this is stress
And it won’t go!

Comments on: "Stress!" (5)

  1. Engr Sohaib said:

    Yes, It is the stress
    which won’t go.

  2. This feels to me like it should be longer and the stress should build. It’s very brief IMO and knowing stresses as I do, they are long-drawn out at their worst. Just my thoughts. Thank you for a short, sharp stress read G:)

    • That is true yet maybe the title betrays it. Panic might have been a better choice of words but there again it is panic induced by stress often faced my kids, in particular, when facing the burden of exams and the end violent outcome psychologically. So many different experiences of this beast amongst us ….

      • The stress beast and the panic beast are at home in my zoo of a being. It’s often good to write them out of you. Always reading and occasionally suggesting things, just in case. G:)

      • I’m a real advocate of the creative therapies Graeme. I use poetry particularly with year 6’s in transition to secondary school to help process all the changes and emotions that are going on there. It’s also good to get people’s input though so I’m grateful for your suggestions – thanks 🙂

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