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He met his Waterloo
Back in the throes of time
Stood on a muddy battlefield
In muck and mud and grime
Outnumbered by opposing flanks
Of troops determined to
Defeat him; wreck his advancement
His reign to then undo

Yet still today there are those men
And women who believe
They are supreme: cannot be beat
And seem to just perceive
That they are insurmountable
Above the law it’s true
But to them let them also meet
Their end; their Waterloo

And in the lives of each of us
Be sure to set great store
By truth, respect, integrity
With love and never war
To meet with peace in hearts and minds
With sensitivity
So that our Waterloos converge
With grace; humility

Comments on: "Waterloo" (2)

  1. Listening to Radio 4 today it seems that Napoleon made 1 or 2 good decisions and 1 or 2 uncharacteristically bad ones that in the end lost him the battle.
    It was touch and go. Thank you for the read G:)

    • I think that suggesting ‘this affair is nothing more than eating breakfast’ was possibly one of those bad ones! You can’t beat a good English breakfast šŸ™‚

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