Life is good! Life is inspirational!

A day to celebrate the men
Who give their hearts and all
Imbue love unconditionally
That kick about the ball
Of daddy-hood to be the best
That they can truly be
In sacrifice to their offspring
Throughout all history

Who put themselves out to protect
The lives that they have made
In love with full integrity
That’s shown by what’s displayed
And given to their babies
That says ‘I’m here it’s true
And will be to the end of time
As I’ll always love you’

And to those men a hearty cheer
A glass raised up to say
That Dad’s like you are drops of gold
And always win the day!
For any man can be a father
But it takes a special lad
To go on to make the cut as the
Best of the bestest Dads

Dedicated to my Dad on this Father’s Day who, for sure, made the cut



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